GetMoving Physio started with a simple idea:

"To make available to you the resources you need to live a healthy, active, and long life, and in doing so,

ensure that your experience at the clinic is as pleasant and educational as possible."

The importance of preventative healthcare is becoming increasingly apparent as our population strives to achieve healthy aging. Twenty-nine years of providing diverse physiotherapy services speaks to our commitment to patients, their families, and the community at large in embracing this proactive approach to care.

Our facility is a clean, modern, and inviting environment. In this group practice setting, we have physiotherapists and registered massage therapists working together under one roof. In addition, we often collaborate with a number of community partners to provide our clients with a truly holistic approach to care.

We would love to see you today to map out a health and wellness plan that is tailored to your health history and individual goals! Thanks for checking us out!

To schedule an appointment, please call: (705) 252-8558